Computer Lab

Instructor: Ms. Leyvas

Welcome to the Heber School Computer Lab!

Our 4th thru 8th grade students visit the computer lab on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to acquire the skills needed to succeed throughout their schooling and later in their careers. We begin our focus on basic technology skills like proper posture, typing ergonomics, and click & dragging, then build upon that foundation with word processing skills, building presentations and Internet etiquette.


Accelerated Reader (AR) at Heber School!
The reading program we use at Heber School is called Accelerated Reader, or AR for short. AR is a great tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice.image
Students and teachers, log in here!

Parents can learn more about AR by:
  • reading "A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader" in English or Spanish;
  • taking a Sample AR Quiz;
  • or signing up for Renaissance Home Connect. Parents can view their student's goals and points and print a few reports.
    • Learn more about Home Connect by reading a "Parent's Guide to Renaissance Home Connect" in English or Spanish,
    • or by logging in with your child's UserID and password at Home Connect.
To look up a list of books within your ZPD range, go to the AR Book Finder website!


@ home with the HomeRow!

HESD Typing Club

During typing lessons in the computer lab, we will be focusing on proper posture, ergonomics, and the homerow position. We use the school's TypingClub
 portal to practice our typing skills.

Remember: left hand A S D F and right hand J K L ;

Let's start typing!

DreamBox Learning
Dreambox is an adaptive and engaging learning environment that keeps students interested and motivated to learn math.

SBAC technological skills

In getting ready for the SBAC assessments in the spring, students continuously practice their technological skills, along with their math and ELA lessons.

Google Classroom, Drive, and Docs

Students log in with their Google accounts to work on class assignments and organize their school work.

Digital Citizenship Skills

Through the District's technological plan and erate, we use resources from Common Sense Media to teach our students how to be better digital citizens.



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